Josh Grieve

Josh Grieve is a highly acclaimed graphic designer of influence from Southern California. His grasp of skateboarding modernism, mixed media and digi-dirt style has constantly evoked a fresh aesthetic from each of the projects that Josh guides into evolution.

“I guide the design and unlike most designers, I let the piece unfurl into a life of it’s own. I sort of father it until it evolves into some sort of screaming baby that I can’t wait to kick out of the house.”

His success at California’s Art Institute, Fullerton College, and Platt College led him from graduation to entrepreneurship immediately. Logos, websites, T-shirts, album art and brochures are still infected by Grieve’s love for distortion and misprinted type. Fluent in all techniques, digital and organic, Josh Grieve nails the appropriate mood for your piece quickly and affordably every time.